Posted by: Julie Duell | April 21, 2008



In March 2006 Tony and I joined a group of local Central Coast Artists who came together to paint aspects of a charming old Art House Cinema on the Central Coast of N.S.W.   Avoca Beach Picture Theatre has served the community continuously since 1951 and is a real treasure, offering a cosy intimate atmosphere along with a wonderful range of art house movies and occasonal live performances.    As artists, we set about endeavouring to capture some of the charm of this beautiful old theatre.  Here we are on site, painting and drawing on a lovely sunny morning…




Thank you Tony, Anne, Cathy, Helen, Don, Janice, Noreen and Lesley for putting your heart into this venture.

As we happily painted away, Tiffany – the Theatre cat – came and inspected our work, mostly showing her approval by rubbing up against our legs before settling in a nice sunny chair for the morning.

I decided to build a second painting around Tiffany (above: “Tiffany’s Territory”) depicting the transient nature of the people visiting the Theatre, enjoying cups of tea and coffee in the foyer.  Because of the ever changing groups of people who gather there, I painted them as white silhouettes (ghost-like, if you like!) and Tiffany as a black silhouette inspecting her territory.


  I know of a number of friendships that have formed in that foyer – such is the old world intimate charm of “Avoca Beach Theatre” which we hope will always be preserved.

Cheers!  Julie

PS  Now entering 2012, this fabulous old Theatre is going stronger than ever with rare arthouse movies, live performances and a rich diversity of entertainment. The foyer is something to behold these days, full of Tiffany lamps and artifacts full of the charm of yesteryear.  Don’t miss a visit if you are in the area!


  1. Hi Julie,

    What lovely paintings. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre some time soon.


    • Thanks Luke. Yes we are regulars at the Theatre – it’s wonderful! Julie

  2. I had the joy of living with tiffany the last few years of her life and am glad to see that see will not be forgotten. Love the paintings.

    • Hi Christine – thanks for your lovely comment. Tiffany was quite an identity. Glad you cared for her. Julie

  3. Hi I love this painting it,s wounderful i hope to piant like this one day

  4. Hi Lamoine – I will be putting up a new Post on watercolour painting very soon and will let you know when it is published. It will be Post 37. Hoping you will find it helpful.

  5. Could you please tell me if you have any steps to a watercolor picture? prefarably, a seascapes. All the WC ones I click on do not bring up anything. Lamoine

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