Posted by: Julie Duell | September 25, 2011


Greetings everyone!

Please note that I have refreshed many of the free lessons listed in Categories for anyone wishing to enjoy and explore the creative world of art! 

I am available through the Comments box and welcome your feedback.  Happy arting!

     Julie Duell … Australian Artist  B.1941


 To find the FREE ART LESSONS  …  GO TO MENU CATEGORIES & CLICK ON  YOUR CHOICE  OF SUBJECT.  You need to then click on the heading to fully open each page.


You may also like to check out Julie’s free companion site to this,  for teachers, parents and children.  HELPFUL FOR HOME SCHOOLING.

Copyright:  All work created by Julie Duell is subject to copyright protection, copyright having been assigned in 2019 to the artist’s daughter, Melissa Roberts. Whilst this site may be viewed without charge, permission to reproduce contents should be sought via

Disclaimer:  Please note that the information provided in this site is shared with the best intent from my own personal experience and not to be taken as undisputed fact.  It is up to us all to discover our own reality but I hope to help open up that journey for you.   Julie Duell


SAM_2791  INDEX TO OTHER SITES BY JULIE DUELL:   A free creative site for children, parents and teachers. Stories of an Aussie larrikin – adventurous & humorous.  A free eBook! – the life and times of Julie’s great-grandparents in Cooktown, Queensland in the 1800s.  “Grandpa’s Box!”  A good read about some of our Aussie pioneers in 1800s set in Hill End, Clarence River, Woolgoolga, Cooktown and Palmer River, Nth. Qld.  Fiction based on fact. for an overview of Julie’s many avenues of creative pursuits.

Also: several of Julie’s richly illustrated children’s books are now available on Kindle – you may like to check them out. They will come up under her name.


  1. I love your work, its so light and full of colour, and I love the effect of painting on silk that you have achieved. Its inspirational! Thank you for posting your tutorials; they are a valuable resource. I can learn and keep up with the new techniques without leaving my home, and do it at my own pace, and without feeling pressured to adapt my techniques to whatever is the latest style of doing things.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Caroline. You have responded to my whole purpose in putting up this site. Enjoy your art exploration! Julie

  2. Hi Julie,
    I feel I must email you to let you know I find your site inspirational and easy to understand, I live in Tasmania. I’ve now entered my 70th. Year with my leaves turning autumn brown, they aren’t droppin’ off yet to much to do – for some strange reason I’ve decided I would like to paint even though I can’t draw a stick man, let alone how to mix colours, never been to an art gallery on entered a museum since I’ve left school way back when – so I thought I’d look around the web that’s how I found your wonderful site, the way you use colours really affected me, I’ve never seen the use of colour that way – loved cliff faces. Do you make DVD’s on how to paint? If so please let me know.
    Kindest Regards,

    • Hi Roger – Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated! No I’m afraid I don’t have a DVD available on how to paint. I felt I would reach more people by supplying information on this website. Congratulations on running with your instinct to paint at this stage of your life. Why not indeed!
      I suggest you start with simple subjects and not too many colours until you get a feel for tone (dark to light). Please feel free to email your efforts to me – I am only too happy to help where possible.

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