Posted by: Julie Duell | February 21, 2015


Aligned closely with visual pictures are the realms of short stories, treasured memories and poetry.   These can be married to art through background imagery or stronger illustration.  In the interest of sharing, here are a few of mine which might inspire you to try this if you haven’t already:

The Pittosporum tree






When I was just 3 years old back in 1944 I went for a walk with my parents beside a small creek in Sassafras Gully near Springwood in the Blue Mountains where we lived.  My mother sent me on ahead to search for fairies.  After skipping along for a while I came across the most beautiful sparkling white fairy standing under a fern frond!  I have just painted my memory of how she looked to me…

My first fairy

She was of course, a fairy doll my mother had planted there for me to find but I didn’t know that then.  Some time later I recall being devastated when my fairy’s lovely porcelain head broke.  Mum took it away and brought back my fairy with a Mountain Devil seedpod head instead!

I was so horrified, I remember saying to her “Mummy! I will never forgive you!”   Oh dear – well I WAS only 3 and have apologised many times since!

______________________________Julie Duell c.2015



  1. wonderfull idea,where can one get such inspiring poems to incorporate in paintings

    • The idea is to extend your creativity and write your own poems to illustrate, as I have done.
      Otherwise you could illustrate others, so long as you make sure they are copyright free
      and you credit the author. There are lots on “Public Domain Poetry” through Google search.

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